Why is IoT one of the biggest cloud trends?

Why is IoT one of the biggest cloud trends?

Clouds rarely stay in one place for long. They’re in constant motion, on their way to the next destination – and so are cloud technology trends. We tend to focus on benefits, changes and obstacles involved in switching to the cloud, but if you want to become a cloud expert, that’s not enough. Cloud migration, like every other tech phenomenon, comes with its own trends and fashions. Do you know the most popular cloud trends of 2018? Here are just a few of them:

1. Storage up, prices down

The demand for cloud storage is on the rise causing cloud storage providers to compete for clients. Offering attractive pricing serves a dual purpose: increasing market share and allowing providers to become front-runners in this space.

2. Fortifying the cloud

With cloud technology more prone to data breaches and cyber attacks than ever before, cloud providers are constantly working on advancing and fine-tuning their security measures to offer protection against even the most sophisticated attacks.

3. Faster internet = wider cloud adoption

Networks are constantly improving and getting faster. Thanks to new network quality, cloud adoption will be becoming more attractive and accessible to small and medium organisations across various markets.

4. The ever-expanding cloud

Vendors are providing a broad range of cloud solutions to encourage customers of different sizes and industries to make the switch to the cloud. While SaaS’s still the most important offering, the rapidly increasing interest in PaaS and IaaS is not going to stop anytime soon.

5. IoT grows, the cloud follows

The constant expansion of IoT is bringing both new business opportunities and dependency on the cloud, as most of the currently available IoT devices rely on the cloud to communicate and host their data.

Featured Cloud Trend: IoT

Internet of Things (IoT), a result of combining information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), is expected to be a $19 trillion industry by 2020. Home, office, manufacturing, retail, transportation – IoT solutions are expected to become the new norm in all of these areas.

Within the next few years, technology resellers will need to embrace IoT in order to stay relevant in the market. To do that, they’ll need to understand how to design and sell IoT solutions that meet their customers’ needs and fit their business model.

With the majority of IoT applications and solutions primarily created using the cloud offering, IOT and cloud technology remain intertwined. As the IoT market continues to grow and more IoT devices are being employed, the need and demand for cloud will follow.

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