On-prem to Cloud
transformation– a
reseller’s journey

Switching to Cloud: The future of data management or just a passing trend?

Cloud is the new black.

The days of hoarding servers on premises are over. For many companies, Cloud computing is rapidly becoming their go-to option. Big, small and everything in between, businesses are switching to Cloud solutions to save the money, human resources and hassle. Providing Cloud-based solutions became a very profitable business with all major Cloud vendors intensely competing when it comes to functionalities, geographic reach, and customisation involved in mixing and matching solutions by the end user.

Safer than a fence and lock combined.

Accessible from virtually anywhere. Constantly expanding functionalities. Reduced get-to-market time. No wonder more and more companies are investing in Cloud solutions. However, when choosing between hardware and the Cloud, security of mission-critical data will always remain one of the key factors. Today information is safer up in the Cloud where it’s protected by multi-layer security postures with more than a few certifications and accreditations. On-premises security measures simply cannot compete, which is why the most security-conscious customers are often the first ones to jump ship and get with the Cloud.

Adapting to the Cloud.

The quickly growing customer interest in Cloud solutions is unsurprisingly impacting hardware resellers. And with no end to the Cloud frenzy in sight, if they don’t diversify their portfolio now, they might find themselves out of business in the next five to eight years. Which is why many hardware providers are looking into expanding their offering by adding some Cloud options. The transition from hardware to Cloud is not necessarily seamless, especially as the new services and solutions are significantly different from what their sales teams are used to.

The market may be disrupted, but still full of opportunities.

The Cloud-based and hardware model differs greatly not only when it comes to functionalities, but also the sales model. Cloud customers are paying only for what they use – software, services, tools - instead of a complete hardware package. For a business, the subscription model means lower upfront costs, while from a reseller’s perspective, the profit is now spread over time. Which could lead to a steady income in the longer term, but still might require a major change to the current business model, especially the marketing and sales approach.

While adjusting is necessary, it may also bring resellers considerable possibilities to increase their overall profits – even if the latter will be coming at a different pace than before. With Cloud solutions expanding constantly, the initial sale is just the beginning of a journey, as Cloud sales opportunities are constantly growing and are expected to vastly increase with every year.

Embrace the Cloud and transform your business with Tech Data.

Becoming an all-things-Cloud expert is not possible overnight, but can be made simple with the support of an experienced distributor. They can offer deeper insight, provide marketing and business support, share advanced tools and customer success stories that can help with attracting clients and turning leads into sales. All that on top of extensive training, certification, co-funding and incentive opportunities. Tech Data business partners have access to extensive business, technical and marketing support when it comes to switching from hardware-based to Cloud solutions, creating a brand-new sales strategy and maximising their Cloud sales opportunities.

The drive to embrace the Cloud is not going to end anytime soon. So, don’t wait until your clients ask about Cloud solutions – stay ahead of the curve and bring the Cloud straight to their business. Some of them may be already considering it; others might need a little push. All can benefit from making a step into the future. Partner with Tech Data and be the forerunner who introduces customers to the Cloud.

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