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Disaster Recovery: A Pathway to Reseller Business Transformation

The rise of the cloud has brought the partner channel both challenges and new opportunities for future growth. Transforming the reseller side of business by switching to the consumption-based payment model is one of them.

Download the white paper to learn about incentives and challenges involved in embracing the consumption-based cloud reselling model and how disaster recovery as service (DRaaS) can provide a valuable point of entry for your business.

Connecting the dots to capitalise on Hybrid Cloud

The market for next-gen technologies is expanding at a record rate, with an 85% increase anticipated by 2021. Hybrid cloud will be providing the platform powering this growth. What does this mean for cloud resellers and how can they make the most of next-gen advancements?

Download the white paper to explore the business value and key benefits of hybrid cloud, better understand its expected impact on the IT channel, and discover how it can help drive your company’s success.